Film Analysis : Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

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Animation has the unfortunate misconception of being associated with childish, simple, and often foolish stories. Animation is more than just cartoons moving around in a scene. Behind some of these productions a whole genre of cinema was created and perfected. Some even helped establish foundations for cinema production. Among them, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Toy Story can be singled out as the most influential. It may be said that music, CGI, depth, color, secondary characters and depth in animation started because of these two movies. Two completely different films caused tremendous and similar impacts on animation. The feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is not merely a cute princess film and was certainly not created…show more content…
Snow White took a long and harsh four years, more than five hundred artists to create and used over two million drawings. It ran into many difficulties because of Disney’s ambitious ideas. The nickname “Disney’s Folly” was pinned on the movie. The budget, which was expected to be $250,000 (ten times the price of an average short), exploded to $1.5 million. Disney had to mortgage his house to help finance the feature. He continued the production despite rejection from family members and business partners. Finally, in 1937, it was released. The success of the film was overwhelming and it opened to standing ovation. The story, a young princess lives with seven dwarves in order to escape the evil Queen only to find herself under a spell which can only be broken by true love’s first kiss, is beautifully simple but is not in itself enough to elicit such a strong reaction. It was, rather, the animation, the color, and the characters that captured people’s hearts. Disney realized that larger cels than the ones used for his short films were needed and these larger cels were always filled with characters scuttering about. Snow White used the huge innovation of the multi-pan camera. The multi-pan camera allowed many levels of cels to be photographed in a single scene. This created depth and dimension in the animation. Objects known for being still in the background had characters dance behind them and could move themselves. A scene where Snow White runs into the forest shows
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