Film Analysis : The Bad Kids

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Documentary Film Analysis: “The Bad Kids” Traumatic experiences, difficult home lives, and the effect of drugs can leave a significant imprint on the rest of an individual’s life. The context which individuals are surrounded by during their developmental years has a significant impact on their mental health and development. In the documentary, The Bad Kids this idea is depicted through the portrayal of adolescence and early adulthood periods of the individuals at Black Rock Continuation High School. The film portrays the lives of at risk teens, who are given a second chance to get their life on track and earn a high school diploma. However, there are complications and set-backs that are holding them back from accomplishing their goals.…show more content…
He ends up continuing his studies while supporting his family. This highlights the importance of socioemotional growth. This type of growth allowed Lee to successfully achieve his dreams. He may not have been able to do so, without the emotional support from his principal. Traumatic experiences may negatively impact one emotionally. Neglect and lack of support from one’s care taker can take a toll on one’s mental health. In the film, Jennifer is struggling internally because her father refuses to establish a relationship with her. He chooses to see the worst in her, which leads her to feel isolated. She is unable to feel joy about her accomplishments because she does not have her father’s approval. The Principal at her school encourages Jennifer to believe in herself and value her accomplishments. She empathizes with Jennifer and confides in her about her own father’s disapproval. This helps Jennifer feel like she is not alone and that it’s possible to move on without the support of one’s parent. The reassuring words of her Principal instill Jennifer with a sense of pride, instead of her usual feelings of disappointment and worthlessness. This indicates that lack of positive reaffirmation is impacting her development. This impacts her cognitive development. She is experiencing negative feelings and self-doubt due to the lack of support from a parent figure. There is another significant event
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