The Film Havoc By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The film Havoc, begins in the ultra affluent community of Pacific Palisades, California, an ultra wealthy and luxurious suburb of Los Angeles. Havoc focuses on the extravagant lives of two teenage girls, Allison and Emily, and their “crew.” Emily and Allison are best friends who participate in extremely high risk behavior with their “crew,” who consist of other well off white teens from their local high school. Allison, Emily, and their “crew” are stereotypical, white, wealthy teenagers who try to pretend like they are from the inner city of East Los Angeles. The teens try to portray a “gangster” persona throughout the film until they realize later on that the “gangster” lifestyle is truly not the lifestyle for them. They think that by acting like they are from the inner city of East Los Angeles, this gives them so type of street credit among their peers; however, they are only putting themselves in high risk situations that can potentially lead to death, contracting sexually transmitted disease, and drug addiction. By the end of the film, it becomes apparent to Allison and Emily that their actions will eventually affect them, their “crew,” and families more emotionally and physically than they initially thought. This film focuses the crucial relationships between peers, parents, moral development, and high risk behavior. One common theme throughout Havoc, was the lack of parental involvement and supervision among Emily’s and Allison’s parents. These parents were
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