Leisure And Self-Fulfillment In The Film 'The Harvest'

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Before watching The Harvest I would have never thought agriculture child labor was this intense in America. Over 400,000 children are picked to do immigration work in the United States each year. These Children are as young as 12 years old, work 12 to 15 hour days to pick the food we eat. These children are forced to get up early in the morning and make their earnings for the family. Value Cluster of these children aren't great. The movie The Harvest has a great example of the little girl Zelena Lobey. She wasn't able to go to school and get any education and fulfill her goals as she wanted. However, Victor H. is a school student he feels more comfortable being at school he gets to eat and he enjoys the air conditioning at School. Perla Sanchez …show more content…

The two I will be talking about is the Leisure and self-fulfillment. Leisure has a special way of how migrants contribute to self perception, daily life organization and sense of belonging, (Juniu 2000) The movie The Harvest has a great example of what kind of leisure migrants do or don’t have. Zelena on occasion gets to make trips to see her father in Florida. Victor gets to go to school and he mainly works to help the family. Perla is a school student, but she gets cut from school activities because she is a migrant like I already said. . These three migrants get to have very little leisure, but are extremely minimized to what they can and cannot do. Self fulfilling is a powerful prophecy with pervasive phenomenon. Shehui . 2012 Do these migrant workers have human potential to succeed? Well Migrant workers have an extortionary labor intensive job. They also experience Socioeconomic disadvantages, including health hazards, health problems and the mobility lack of education. Even A majority of these migrant workers who are United States citizens lack the English language. And the study shows that migrants have the highest drop out rates in the nation. (Martinez et al, 1994) From the information here would say that migrants have very few chances of successful

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