Film Analysis : The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer

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Film Analysis Intro 2

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer community has been subjected to relentless criticism and bias for many years. To the point where anyone who believes that they are gay feels ashamed or afraid to come out and be who they really are. She’s a boy I Knew, is a story about Gwen Haworth and her struggle to accept and then become the woman she was always meant to be. In the film Gwen faces many struggles and in the following paper I will specifically examine how the concepts of gender inequality, ambiguity, and the language barriers society creates as it relates to the film (Anzovino & Boutilier 2015). Gwen Haworth was born on December 9, 1972 in Vancouver Canada as Steven Haworth. Steven however never fully …show more content…


The first topic that will be discussed is quite possibly the most important topic in terms of the LGBTQ community, language. In today’s society we have been taught and conditioned to follow certain gender roles. The men are expected to be manly, physically adept and strong, sports and exercise oriented as well as the dominant figures in society. The females are expected to be delicate, proportioned child bearers and housewives. So when we break these stereotypes we are automatically criticized by society (Anzovino & Boutilier 2015). Words become the weapon of choice, and gay begins to become synonymous with the lesser.

This leads everyone whom feels they are gay or transgender to be afraid of being who they are and not want to come out and tell the world. Gay is defined as someone whom is physically and emotionally attracted to the same sex. In the film Steven describes how afraid he was of being gay (Dunlap 2014). How he suppressed it and fought it for fear of rejection and ridicule. He becomes afraid of what his family and friends might think in regards to his gender identity. Given that the way with which the gay community was regarded it was completely understandable. He would begin to try on women’s clothing in secret, and would not go out to buy clean clothes from the store in fear of what others around him that saw him might say.

This says an enormous amount

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