Film Analysis : The Silver Linings Playbook

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The Highs and Lows Film Analysis on The Silver Linings Playbook How would you react if you found your wife in the shower with another man? Any sane person would furious, but would you lose control and beat the other man senseless? Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of bipolar disorder in The Silver Linings Playbook how untreated the disorder can take control of a person’s life giving them manic episodes and major depressive episodes. This film aims to accurately display the struggles any person with bipolar disorder will deal with in their daily life while trying to manage the extensive mood swings they experience. The intended purpose of this paper is to analyze not only in what ways the director and cast accurately display the everyday life of an individual with bipolar disorder, but also the quality of the film. Throughout the movie themes of divorce, medications, the need for social support when dealing with mental disorders and a person’s unwillingness to accept help, will all be brought up in order to help an individual manage their disorder. Overview of The Silver Linings Playbook The film begins with Bradley Cooper’s character Pat being released from Maryland mental health hospital against medical advice into his mother’s care. He had served his minimum sentence of eight months after assaulting the man he found in the shower with his wife, Nikki. While hospitalized Pat decides to reinvent himself in order to win Nikki back. He has a new motto of “excelsior,” is searching

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