Film Differences And Cultural Differences

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Some people delude themselves that having freedom means to disregard the human rights of other people. Everyone has the rights to express one’s idea, belief, and thoughts, but there is an invisible limit to the expressions. When the expressions hurt other people emotionally or physically, one needs to recognize that the action has to be fixed. This process usually happens as people grow up learning how to socially behave in the communities. However, the human rights of some people are still being violated in the public. One of the biggest stages of it is in the mainstream media including the Hollywood. Hollywood is one of the most impactful media sources that produces global film works. People live together and no one can live on their own in this society, and for this reason, everyone should know that individuals have the responsibility of keeping the rights of others. With heavier respect to be in such positions, Hollywood writers and directors have a social responsibility to avoid stereotyping ethnic characters for three reasons: to respect the individual cultural differences, due to the large impact of the media, and for the opportunity to obtain further creativity. At first, Hollywood writers and directors should have a social responsibility to avoid ethnic characters to respect the individual cultural differences simply as a human being. People fight for the rights of genders, races, and positions still to this day, but they do not recognize that certain groups of

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