The Movie ' Hell Or High Water ' Essay

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The film, Hell or High Water, is aptly named. The phrase means a strong will to do something, regardless of any difficulties which may lie in the way. This is exactly the mindset of the two brothers in this crime thriller which takes place following the 2008 financial crisis. Through stereotypes, realism, and the struggle over representation, Hell or High Water shows that while people in West Texas may divide each other up by race and class, they are all united against the tyranny of the banks and large institutions. Hell or High Water takes place in West Texas. There, two brothers commit a series of bank robberies targeting the Texas Midlands Bank chain. They take only small, non-traceable notes and are sure to hide their faces during the robberies. Tanner, the ex-con, and reckless brother, takes increasingly unnecessary risks during these robberies. As a result, an innocent bank teller is killed. The film ends when Tanner is killed in a standoff with the police. Toby gets away with the robberies and uses the money to pay off the mortgage on his late mother’s home. This saves the farm from foreclosure and allows them to live off of the untapped oil reserves which lay beneath. Films have the power to both influence and reflect society. The stereotypes prevalent throughout American culture are reflected in most films. While the United States is becoming an increasingly diverse country, this diversity is not portrayed within American cinema. Minority figures often occupy

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