Third Man Corruption

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The Film Noir, “The Third Man”, showed the evident effect that World War 2 had on people. Since this film was produced in 1949, after World War 2, it reflected the social fears and cultural changes that have plagued people during post war. Before the war, there was the ideology of the strong American family. This family portrayed strong values such as happiness, hardworking, and optimism. However during post war, there was a shade of darkness as fear, greed and evil lurking. ‘The Third Man’ portrayed the social, economic and moral corruption which reflects off the social evils during the post war era. One example of economic corruption is shown in the Ferris Wheel Scene. In this scene, we see Harry Limes, who is presumed dead, meeting with …show more content…

Their moral corruption relates back to the measures that spies had to take and the fear they installed during the post war era/Cold War. Limes faked his own death and kills someone else to take his place. His death caused emotional distress for people that care about him. His death caused people like Holly, to go around the town trying to solve his murder case while leaving his mistress, Anna to be heart broken. Limes also continues to puts innocent children into hospitals because of his diluted penicillin. This relates back to the moral corruption of both CIA and KGB spies. Both parties were performing acts of espionage to gather intel on each other. Although these spies weren’t selling on the black market, they were putting their families under emotional distress as well as possibly tearing families apart. Despite Lime’s lack of family members shown in the film, Anna and Holly were the closest he had to family. Additionally, the paranoia of spies possibly being your next door neighbor, installed fear into normal citizens. Knowing that spies were living among other citizens caused panic and anxiety to many. Reciprocal to the movie, we see the discomfort and anxiety that Limes have caused Holly. Holly runs all over the city, trying to piece together his friends death while clearing Limes name. While causing him all these troubles, Holly inevitably and terrifyingly comes to realize that Limes

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