Film Review : Django Unchained

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“Django Unchained”, a film written in a directed by Quentin Tarantino, is a film that represents race, gender and sexuality in many ways throughout the movie. to start I want to begin with the films representation of race and ethnicity since the entire movie is about slavery. Aside from the twisted humor that is often found within Tarantino’s movies, Django Unchained provides a dark and gloomy reality for African Americans during the year 1858. during this time slavery in the south would be at its peak, because this would be two years prior to the Civil War. The opening scene is very clearly taking place in a southern state and we meet our main character of the movie, Django. He is an African American slave in His thirties, being transported by two white men along with other slaves. Later in the film, its understood that these African American men had just been sold at an auction. From the very beginning of the film there is a strong representation of African Americans and a vivid but brutal picture of what one particular race went through for such a long period of time. Along with this representation, Tarantino leaves examples of racial separation throughout the film. For starters, once Django has been freed by a white man by the name of Dr. King Schultz from the slavers, He gives much astonishment to the town folk in which the following scene takes place. Django is shown riding on horseback accompanied by Dr Schultz, and as he is riding there are many cut away shots to
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