Movie Analysis : ' Wolf On Wall Street '

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Lane Kocovsky
August 14th, 2015
Film Critque

Disregard for Ethics

In any given movie that one may watch, you can break it down and look at the philosophical meaning behind it and create an ethical perspective. One could take bits and pieces of the movie and compare them to the ethical theories of either one or multiple theorists, with the goal being to create a better understanding of what the film’s ethical basis is and how exactly they incorporate the theorist’s ideas into the film. One of the most recent films that caught the eye of theorists within the ethical department is the movie “Wolf on Wall Street”. In this essay I will present the critique of this movie, the multiple ethical dilemmas such as: Utilitarianism, virtue theory, and how the characters disregarded these ethics in their mission for wealth and success. First I will present a basic breakdown of the movie including: who the characters are, their roles, and plot summary. Next, I will present the arguments in regards to the theories of Utilitarianism and virtue theory, and how the film and characters conveyed them. From here I will show the breakdown of the meta-ethical aspects of the film in regards to human nature and how evil attempts to triumph over good. I will conclude by summarizing how these characters had complete disregard for ethics and their own morals. The movie begins in the year 1987 with a man known as Jordan Belfort who is a stockbroker on Wall Street. On the day known as Black

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