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Introduction The film Lust,Caution was released in 2007 and was written by Hui-Ling Wang and was directed by Ann Lee. Lust,Caution is a dark, tensed and speculative thriller. As the movie opened in a mahjong-game in Shanghai in WWII-era, we met Mrs. Mak, who was a undercover role played by Chia-Chi Wong(“Wong”)( played by Tang Wei), a serect agent of the puppet government of Japan Mr. Yee (play by Tony Leung Chiu-Wai) who was the assassinated target of Wong. Wong belonged to a troupe of drama students(“the troupe”) from Hong Kong University who plan this assassination. Lust, Caution, the next creation after Ann Lee had won the Best Director for Brokeback Mountain at Academy Award, was less known to the western world due to the cultural and language barrier. However, this is another master piece of Ann Lee which did not only demonstrate his capability in transforming literature into motion picture, but also deeply discussed the conflict among love and ambition. Lust, Caution was adapted from a short novel by one of the greatest Chinese authors in early 20th century, Eileen Chang. Among all the works of her, Ann Lee has considered Lust, Caution as the one with the most elements and frames for a film. He said, “when I read Eileen Chang’s novels, especially Lust, Caution, I believed she was inspired by movies, and structured the story as a movie.” Even though the movie directed by Ann Lee and the novel written by Eileen Chang presented their art and message in different forms,

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