Final Art Review: Marina Abramovic

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Assignment F - Final Art Review
Marina Abramović

Born in November 30th, 1946, the 67-year-old artist, Marina Abramović, has done numerous jaw-dropping performances throughout her entire existence. Also known as the “grandmother of performance art”, her work explores the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind (Wikipedia, 2014)
In her first few performances, it was clearly shown how Marina challenge her own body to its maximum limit by jabbing the knife relentlessly between the spaces of her finger and threw herself directly into a star-shaped blazing fire. However, the most notorious and best-known piece this Serbian-born artist has done in her early career was Rhythm 0 in 1974, where she would assign herself a passive role and let people did whatever they want to her with the 72 objects laying on the table behind her. The purpose of this performance was to test the limit of the relationship between performer and audience. "It was a little crazy. I realized then that the public could kill you. If you give them total freedom, they will become frenzied enough to kill you," said Marina on her interview with The Guardian back on October 2010.
This piece indeed affirms her essential notion in doing performance art. She did value the relationship between performer and audience as well as pushing her body off limit since the audiences were becoming more aggressive towards the end of the day. “So many people ask me,
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