Final Fantasy to World of Warcraft: The Benefits of Video Games

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In the 21st century, society is noticing a drastic change in the new generation. Going outside has become a thing of the past for some and many parents struggle to get their children to stop playing video games. Submersed in the world of violent video games, society has started to scorn the idea of them. Though video games seem to have a lot of drawbacks, other parts of society encourage the development of video games. While many believe that video games are detrimental to society they actually hold many benefits for all age ranges.
William Higinbotham, a nuclear physicist lobbied for nuclear nonproliferation as the first chair of the Federation of American Scientists, created the first video game Tennis for Two. At Brookhaven's lab's …show more content…

The idea of video games putting people in different mental zones was proven through a randomized controlled trial with a group of clinically depressed adults. The experiment's results showed a "reduction in tension, anger, depression, fatigue and increase in vigor" which was supported by "associated changes in brain activity and heart rate variability" (Johnson, 2013). Video games are proving to help with a life-long mental condition in a way that doesn't require a strict regimen of drugs. Jane Burns, chief executive of the young and well co-operative research center at the University of Melbourne, said gaming could provide stress relief and social engagement. The benefits of moderate video game play for children has "extended to greater positive emotions, having less risky friendship networks, better self-esteem, and higher levels of family closeness (Johnson, 2013). Positive emotions result in better mental wellness as well as a greater capacity to react in the correct fashion to unexpected events in people's lives. Burns' research has shown that playing video games result in "improvements in mood, reductions in stress, and feeling of competence and autonomy" (Johnson, 2013). Improved states of mind will lead to better interactions with people in addition to a less likely chance of depression developing.
Video games also have a positive effect on the social aspect of peoples' lives. In the

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