Financial Analysis of Greencore Group Plc

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Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 INTRODUCTION 2 COMPANY SHARE PRICE 3 CAPITAL STRUCTURE 7 Total capital as of March 2010 8 Total capital as of March 2009 9 DIVIDEND POLICY 10 FUTURE DIRECTION 12 Conclusion 13 Bibliography 14 Company Share Price Information Bibliography 15 Appendixes 17


In today’s climate it’s hard to find a company still making profits comparable to their previous financial year. Sustainable growth is hard to achieve for most global organisations, their debt’s are piling up as money is not as available as before so other means of generating profit are being thought of to try to reduce operating costs and increase profitability.
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This seems to signal poor prospects for the company and the price of shares start to fall.

February 2010
In this month Greencore had announced that they were to sell off their Malt distilling unit to Axereal a French co-op which consisted of Agralys and Epis Centre merging. The main purpose of selling off this unit was so that they could focus on their key operatives and reduce overall debt. Our analysis is that this has lessened the perceived value of the company and the general share price for the month has dropped. Within the same month Greencore announced that they will issue 206,637,211 with voting rights the total amount of shares issued amounted to 210,541,928,

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