Financial Aspects of Business

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There are things that you need to discussion and think about when going into a business. It takes someone who has a business mind set and the drive to get the business started because there’s a lot of thing that you need to know before going into the business. One thing you especially need to know is the financial side of the business. Have a least some experience in a business or have a business degree. Because you have to be able to keep record of your revues, expense and also paying the taxes on the organization. There’s question that needs to be answer do I want to be nonprofit, a cooperation or do I want to have a partner to go in business with. With all the record you keep you have to make sure that they are correct and that the business is making a profit and not going into bankrupt.
Summary of the Articles
The first article that will be summarizes is title “Capital questions: Balance sheets and leasing changes “By: Cristian Lieneck and Eric Weaver. The article is discussing how leasing is an increasingly commodities and how now that it is change because there is a new proposal that will be release this year. The proposal is that the lease payment will not be recorded as an expense to the organization but will be an amortized right-of-use assets with the corresponding liabilities for the rental obligation amounts. There are two forms of account that it is…
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