Financial Ethics in Healthcare

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“Financial ethics in healthcare”

With no ethics come dishonesty, disloyalty, fraudulence, and a host of other bad qualities. These qualities are total opposite of what one would need to possess if they were handling any form of business in the healthcare field, particularly in the finance department. When working with funds it is important to keep morals and ethics extremely high because when no one is looking is really when you’re being tested. Sometimes, humans tend to let financial issues burden them down to the point of giving up. If a person going through a tough time in life was to have access to a large amount of money, it would be imperative that this individual
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In closing, financial ethics are one of the most important, if not the most important aspect of healthcare as a whole. Without healthcare executives showing high morals and strong ethics, when important financial decisions are being made the public could risk being cheated and unfairly charged for different medical reasons. Also, it is extremely important for financial ethics to be upheld high when coming up with health insurance policies. The downfall of the economy, lack of employment plus major layoffs, need to be taken into strong consideration when coming up with not just a healthcare policy, but an efficient, attainable, affordable healthcare policy.

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