Financial Statements And The Financial Statement

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Financial statements have several key components and specific criteria into them to relay the detailed information for auditors and management. A deeper look into financial statements and the many concepts surrounding them are needed to explain in more detail. It’s also important to recognize the Auditor’s opinion letter, balance sheet, operating statement, statement of changes in net assets, and statement of cash flows and footnotes of their involvement in the process. Relevant accounting articles are a useful supplement to financial statements and how they enhance concepts in the financial statement. The meaningful uses of financial statements for health care organizations are the epitome of current and future success of financial health.
Asset Arrangement: Most to least Liquid
Assets in the financial statement are always required and show useful information to investors and understand where the information comes from. For instance, accounts receivable net which the organization does not expect to collect all of the money it is due from all patients and insurers, (Finkler, S.A., Ward, D.M. & Calabrese, I.D., 2013). The bad debts become about of the money due. Furthermore, accounts receivables, net represents gross charges less an allowance for poor debts, and many contractual allowances established with those third party payers. Typically, an example of a bad debt would show charges of a large sum of money delivered from a hospital. Then, the contractual allowances from…

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