Financial Strategies for Value Creation

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In the face of unfavorable financial climate, creating value for ones product cannot be sacrificed. How can one create or develop sound financial strategies for value creation that can stand the test of time? A case study of MCI Communications Corp. will be considered and will be used as a guide for building financial strategies that can see anyone or company through hard times and harsh financial climate (MCI, 1983).

MCI Communications Corp. is a telecommunication company that is in competition with another telecommunication giant; AT&T. MCI Communications Corp. waded through a river of loss of $38.7 million in 1975 financial year to a profit of $170.8 in 1983 financial year. This could be considered a financial feat. Using this company as a consultant, one financial strategy was in play and that is 'dogged determination'. Not many people or companies can rise from this kind of shallow depth to a surface of financial breakthrough.

'Lack of fear' is another business strategy that this company put on display. They were fearless of giant like AT&T that is well…
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