Finding A Research Topic And Exploring The Library

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Finding a Research Topic and Exploring the Library
Students with disabilities are covered under the Federal Law of free and appropriate education, also knowns as FAPE. This law ensures that students with disabilities are serviced in the best environment that will not negatively impact their educational access due to their disability. Some students with disabilities needs are best met in an inclusive setting. This would include a special education teacher and a general education teacher. In some co-teaching classrooms, there is the misunderstanding of what co-teaching or inclusion should look like, or for some, how to evaluate its effectiveness. Dr, Maureen Pugach (March 2011) states in her article that special educators often take a back seat in the general education classroom, as opposed to truly co-teaching. Teachers who co-teach should be co-planning and co-assessing. However, there seems to be an abstention of these practices in the inclusion setting. There is a true benefit to students academically, socially and emotionally when there are two teachers fully invested in the inclusive classroom model.
My Topic of Interest and Why It Is Important to Me A true inclusive model classroom should encompass co-planning, co-instructing, and co-assessing. These tools will hold both teachers accountable and valued in the classroom. There are documented studies where special education teachers feel like glorified teaching assistants. Unfortunately, the experience of being on both

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