Finding Magic Within The Wild

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Finding Magic Within the Wild

To McCandless and many others that share the same love for nature, it plays a very important role in several choices made by him throughout the film. In retrospect, the same can be applied to SpongeBob SquarePants on an easier to understand level. Now, SpongeBob doesn’t leave his wealth and his family to live on his own, but he does have magic in the wild, just like the magic bus Chris McCandless used as shelter throughout the weeks. This was called the magic conch and it gave SpongeBob and his acquaintance Patrick much needed things whilst being stranded in the wild. Now, the magic bus did not provide much for Christopher as he hunted primarily on his own, but it did provide shelter and as long as it provided something, it can easily compare to the magic conch. Magic was found within in the wild, and was used to its fullest extent to help each person with their needs. In the film Into the Wild, Christopher used it as a shelter and a place to occupy himself in an entertainment aspect whilst SpongeBob utilized the magic conch for things such as food. Christopher McCandless left his potentially successful and very wealthy future to live amongst the animals in the wild and fend for himself. He realized that he did not need any materialistic items to be happy and instead, the wilderness provided him with the joy he was looking for. The magic bus was referred to multiple times throughout the movie as weeks progressed and he wrote it down in…
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