Does Magic Really Exist?

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Does Magic Really Exist ?
A young lady is getting ready for a job interview, She knows she is prepared, but wants this job so bad she can 't help but feel nervous about it. The young lady has prepared for days for this interview she has her papers, the outfit she is going to wear to make a good impression. While she is running to the door, ready for her interview she grabs her suitcase, her car keys, and a necklace, made with a gem, the green garnet. She believes that the gem of that necklace will help her gain some confidence for the interview, will give her good luck, and the power to accomplish what she wants. Some days pass when they told her that she got the job.
This is an example of how people used superstitions or lucky charms on a daily basis, but is hard to believe that because of a little gem the young lady got the job she was preparing enough to get it, but is it possible that the gem helps her in any way? Maybe it just gives her the confidence and security that she needs. Superstitions and magic are definitely not what everyone thinks they are, everyone has a superstition, a ritual that they do every day to make them feel safer, better, or stronger. Saying the name of a loved one before an important event, believing in a guardian angel, saying “bless you” after someone sneeze, doing things that make you feel better without a scientific explanation.
So is it really magic? or is it the power of mind?. The idea of something bigger than us, magical creatures,

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