Finding Nemo, Dory, and Myself

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I like sea turtles, I really do, and they are on my top three of favorite animals. From what I read, in No Impact Man, on how bad ocean pollution is I was bit startled on how bad ocean pollution is. My favorite scaly friends from the deep may be completely terminated, poor Dory. How can I go on living knowing that I'm killing Disney movie characters? Okay, I can still go on to live. Excuse me for my bluntness, but priorities go first. Also, do I actually want to go door to door handing out pamphlets that would eventually be thrown away my neighbors? Would I not be further damaging the ocean then? Furthermore, would I want to associate with the Colin Beavan rout by living off cloths and using no disposable products, which is everything! And although it may seem like I don't want to help the ocean in anyway, I actually do. But in my case, and many other people’s cases I am sure, there is so much to do in life then just worry about another balloon over my head. Yes, I want to have control over myself to start using fewer products that add to ocean pollution. And hopefully, in my efforts to do so, I would be able to impact someone’s life from my eventual eco-conscious efforts to save the ocean. For the time being, though, I have to take care of my business first this includes school, work, and keeping my sanity. My family had never been environmentally friendly and to be quite frank I don't blame them. My mom and dad were ones to give us the best that life had to
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