Finding Your Personal Theoretical Orientation

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Halbur and Halbur suggested that there are ten strategies to finding your personal theoretical orientation. They are as follows find yourself, articulate your values, survey your preferences, use your personality, capture yourself, let others inspire your learning, read original works, get real, study with a master, broaden your experiences. As a professional social worker, the main goal is to help a client in a positive and respectful manner. Unfortunately, client experiences and behaviors can make this task seem extremely difficult. It is important to find yourself before trying to help someone else. Therapy is essentially attempting to make something better, and our personal values determine what is valuable in therapy. Also, thinking …show more content…

The dimensions include extraversion/introversion index, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling index, and judging/ perceiving. Even though these two particular tests are highlighted, there are multitudes of other self-exploration test that are capable of guiding one to their theoretical orientation. The last approaches to finding your theoretical orientation are to capture yourself, getting real, letting others inspire your learning, studying with a master, reading original works, and broadening your experiences. Recording or capturing yourself allows the professional to see firsthand if they successfully convey their theory to the client. In order to get real the chosen theoretical orientation should be put to use in the everyday world with different scenarios and backgrounds. While self examination is extremely beneficial letting others inspire your learning and studying with a master could also serve to be profitable. Workshops conducted by well-regarded professionals of the field, and working alongside masters specializing in theory are appropriate methods of determining your theoretical orientation. Reading relinquishes a multitude of knowledge and information, but it is imperative to read original works because text is often paraphrased, and information gets lost. Lastly, it is essential for us to broaden our experiences as individuals and professionals. It is the best

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