Fines Needed for NFL Players Using Performance Enhancing Drugs

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They only give the players a four game suspension which doesn’t help them learn anything for the use of PEDs. The players in the NFL now get away without being caught because they are looking for other drugs too, and the players that are caught is very few because of all the other tests going on. This is relevant today because it affects everyone in the US that watches the sport and makes them want to stop watching it, when the people stop watching the NFL loses money from that, so intern everyone loses out on the players using steroids. With the use of PEDs spreading throughout the NFL it seems like a good idea to start teaching all the rookies early about how fast the use of steroids can to do a players career after some time. With the NFL getting new players every year, some of them seem to pick up on veteran players habits for instance they use steroids to make themselves bigger and better like the older players they look up to.
With the younger players seeing the older players as role models they make them pay for the drugs they used while playing, to make an example of how wrong it is in the NFL to get caught with a positive steroid test, and have more than just a four game suspension. Having a higher penalty for using PEDs will hopefully make some of the newer players scared to go anywhere near a drug that improves their performance. They should start making rookies and…
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