Steroids Research Paper

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Steroid Use for College & Pro Athletes College and Professional Sports have been a major entertainment for people all over the globe. Baseball, football, hockey, basketball, golf, and soccer are a few examples of the greatest sports of this decade. These sports and more have the greatest athletes in the world involved and they get the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents each year. They only get the chance to do these things if they can pass a drug test that involves not taking steroids. Many years ago athletes were not forced to take any type of drug test thus causing many players to take steroids. Steroids made many athletes dramatically better causing more and more players to use them so they could keep up with the rest. …show more content…

Alex Rodriguez, Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, and Ben Johnson are just a few of the many athletes who took a type of steroids during their record-breaking moments. Since steroid use is illegal to all athletes today, players talents and strength must be natural. This is in many ways a great law. Keeping everyone on the same playing field is very important considering these sports are these players income. In college sports the ruling on all of this varies. Yes of course steroids are still banned to these young athletes but how strict the universities take it varies dramatically. Most lower level NCAA programs like Division 3 and Division 2 tend to not test near as often or some seasons even at all. This comes to be a thing because frankly at this level no body cares. Now the skill level is obviously dramatically different from a non-testing Division 2 program and a testing Division 1 program so ultimately it does not matter. But still many times weather it is a the Division 1, 2, or 3 level you will find a strict testing team versus a not so strict testing team. Now there are rules to all this and a university can’t just not test their players if they don’t feel it is necessary. But the problem is the rules vary so widely that there are loopholes and other ways for coaches and players to get by these rules. This is much more challenging for a popular Division 1 school compared to a not so known Division 2 or Division 3 school. This is the case for

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