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How and why does Twain establish Huck’s voice as storyteller? What do we learn about Huck from what he reveals of other characters’ assessments of him? Twain establishes Huck’s voice as storyteller in the very beginning of the story. He establishes it by Huck’s introduction of the book that must be read that is written by Twain. From the beginning of the story the reader can learn about Huck from the Widows expressions over Huck. The reader can learn that Huck is kind of free spirited and more simple than the clean clothes that the widow puts him in. The reader can also learn that Huck at some point had $6,000 and is also an orphan. Make two columns, listing Huck’s clear likes and dislikes as he reveals them in these chapters. What…show more content…
Huck also believes that his luck is not of the greatest so he also bases his decision of giving up the money he has in hopes of increasing his luck. all of these things are contributing to his core self. These chapters establish components of Huck’s self that others hope to influence: his emotions, his intelligence, his fiscal responsibility, his spirituality, his social self, and his physical health and habits. To what and whom does Huck conform and when/how does he reject conformity in these chapters? Huck kind of conforms to the widows requests and rules. he does not smoke and he wears the clothes she gives him to wear. He also conforms to Miss Watson and does the hourly studies she likes him to do even if he does not want to. He also goes to school and kind of learns to like it. Huck also conforms to Toms requests and commands. He rejects all conformity when he is feeling lonely and feels like he needs to take a break from the world and go and hide out in the woods for a little while. The titles of the chapters are in third person, while the text itself is in the first person voice of Huck Finn. What does this literary device suggest about the argument that Huck and Twain are one and the same? This literary device suggests that Huck and Twain are one and the same because Twain is using influences from his own life to write his story. Its like, although the titles of the chapters are in third person, while the text itself is in the first person

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