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Women at zero point largely describes a female prisoner who had a terrible life experience. This female by the name of Firdaus, is on death row for murder. Firdaus narrates her story to a female psychiatrist named Nawal. Men in Firdaus’s life betrayed her as well as anyone who she ever came across. Firdaus begins telling the harrowing story of growing up without a good role model, and anyone to look up to. She endures the hardships of life on her own which led her to the killing of a man, then to imprisonment. Nietzsche’s writings including, Human All Too Human, view on woman’s right, is somewhat in question. Some of his writings seem to favor woman while others make woman seem inferiority to men. It’s puzzling to have an exact answer to…show more content…
That must sometimes have driven their neighboring nations to despair.” My understanding in this text reflecting to my understanding of Firdaus is that she was so tormented by all the things that happened to her in childhood and growing up, she invented the idea that she was worth something, she could use her body to gain power in which she did. Eventually it was hard for her to get out of this line of work, the falsehood and deceit and eventually she became desperate. Most of Nietzsche’s works seem to attack women, specifically blaming feminism. I’ll come to the conclusion that Nietzsche extremely dislikes and degrades women. I mean, his worked has similar ideas to Plato and Aristotle. Nietzsche dislikes women who are in a position of power, who strive for the economic and legal independence. He regards women as retrogrades and hates the idea of female progress. One of the many quotes by Nietzsche regarding women is, “when a woman has scholarly inclinations there is usually something wrong with her sexuality.” This exactly describes his thinking and judgment on women’s rights. Women at Zero Point is mainly about feminism, choice, and women’s right. In conclusion, I personally
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