Fire and Lightweight Building Construction

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Fire and Lightweight Building Construction
Lightweight construction has been used in building construction for more than thirty-five years. Fire fighters have been dealing with the dangers of this type of construction since it was developed. Lightweight construction is generally considered to be either wood frame or steel building materials, where the roof and/or floor supporting systems are constructed of lightweight prefabricated materials. The main problem with lightweight construction is the decreased load carrying capability and stability of the manufactured members under fire conditions.
Lightweight construction started showing up in the late seventies and has come to dominate the construction industry both on a commercial and residential level. The construction industry began using pre-manufactured components and lightweight construction methods in order to improve the efficiency of the construction process and to reduce costs associated with materials. Light weight construction is very efficient in the fact that it takes less material and money to manufacture. It can perform the task of a much larger and heavier piece of material with a quarter of the weight and using less space.
Lightweight wood construction is most often seen in the residential setting. The main types of materials used in light weight wood construction are pre-manufactured I-beams and I-joist, truss systems, plywood, and OSB boards. I-beams and joist are manufactured by placing a plywood or

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