Construction Of Construction And Construction

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1. Introduction:
1.1. Background to the study:
The construction industry is one the main industries in the words which is growing rapidly. The industry generates employment opportunities and economic growth through creating foreign and local investment opportunities (M. Agung, 2009). In spite of these contributions in nations economic, it has some drawbacks such as environmental pollutions and degradation (Johnson & David, 2008). Construction waste is one of the single largest waste stream which is estimated approximately 50 per cent of all materials used worldwide. Therefore, it is essential to reduce the construction wastes. Construction is a vital connection to the infrastructure and growth of industry all around the world. Building …show more content…

1989). Waste minimization in construction industry is significant not only from efficiency point of view, but also, nowadays, concern has been growing about the adverse effect of the waste of building materials on the environment. This kind of waste typically accounts for between 15 and 30% of urban waste, also it is difficult to recycle building materials due to high levels of contamination and a large degree of heterogeneity and often there is insufficient space for its disposal in large cities. (Brooks et al.1994; Bossink and Brouwers 1996; Forsythe and Marsden 1999) Moreover, reduction in availability of future materials energy as well as increasing demands on the transportation system can be the consequences of high levels of construction waste. Wyatt (1978) Considering some building materials and components which use large amounts of non renewable sources of energy, as well as resources that are in danger of depletion, such as timber, sand, and crushed stone (Bossink and Brouwers 1996).

1.2. Statement of the problem:
A wide range of construction companies have been faced with the serious threat that construction waste has been imposed to their profits, which is the reason for the existence of most companies. However, most firms still have no serious attention into the identifying the factors that contribute to

the increase of waste in the construction industry. Many resources

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