Fireside Scholarship Essay

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Seeing a child who can't run and play, my heart is filled with compassion. Knowing that I can make a difference for that child, my heart is filled with faith. Seeing the child's smile of success, my heart is filled with love. I have been blessed to be able to attend thirteen years of Catholic school as well as becoming a Balavisx assistant instructor. These experiences have carved me into the person I have become. Balavisx stands for balance, auditory, visual exercises. The purpose is to help anyone who has mental disabilities, physical disabilities, and auditory or visual processing difficulties. The program consists of balance boards, beanbags, and balls used on the basis of rhythmic predictability. First hand, I have seen it help …show more content…

We collected ninety-three new stuffed animals. I was one of the few to deliver them to the hospital. Although we were unable to see the children, the administration was very appreciative of our efforts. I could feel their generosity and knew that we had accomplished a great act of love. A fire in my heart has been ignited to extend love to the sick and suffering. I have taken this fire in my heart -this compassion, faith, and love- and used it in all my activities. Yes, my roots are from a catholic education, but my branches spread out to every aspect of my life. As a Balavisx instructor, my job is to help those who are disabled or struggling. It is something I love doing and it is a way for me to serve others. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to help someone accomplish a task that others deemed impossible for them. I know that the hand of God is working through us. I have also volunteered at a Catholic camp for the disabled over the summer. There, I was able to use my Balavisx tools to help my camper, Omar, who had mental disabilities, a hunched back, and was confined to a wheelchair. He is unable to see much of the world around him because his neck forces his head to stay down. Omar sat in his wheelchair and I sat on the ground so that he could see me completely. We started doing some Balavisx exercises and he really enjoyed them. Since the exercises forced him to watch the beanbags therefore keeping his

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