Firing a Tenured Teacher Over Thoughtless Comments Essay

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A principal and an Assistant Principal, both black - were having a heated conversation with a white teacher and in the middle of the argument she stated that “she hated all black folks.” Her statement had spread throughout the school; all her co-workers had adverse reactions thinking that her ability of being a teacher would interfere due to her racial comment. Her principal decided that it would be better to have her dismissed. According to ACLU – American Civil Liberty Union of Washington State, a tenured teacher in my understanding should not be fired for a comment like that. Rather have a disciplinary action, such us be sent to a sensitive seminar or class. She shall be shown that her comment was not acceptable. She can have her …show more content…

In conclusion, I believe that everyone makes mistakes, and I don’t believe that a person should be fired because of comments that they make. No one knows the circumstance of people’s life’s that have taken them to say what they say. The teacher on the scenario could have been raped at young age by a black person. Who knows? We don’t know also, how the administrators started the conversation with her to take her to an extremity to say what she said. I understand it is wrong, and that is when they should be counseled and proper disciplined. We are not robots, and we just have to be careful, and control our political, race, or religion opinions and keep to ourselves, and don’t judge the kids or co-worker by whatever their choices are. Be a devil’s advocate and outsider and concentrate in what is the best for the kids. In the case of Bob Grisham, what he said caused a great amount of people to get upset. When my kids were going to school, I didn’t like anyone influencing them to a certain religion or politic views. I raised my kids to choose for themselves what type of politics or religion they choose to believe. However, I would not have anyone fired because of what they said, but yes, I would not think twice if it were a teacher abusing a child sexually. I would say that is more of an important issue, then what someone may have said in a locker room. “"Sticks and stones may break my

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