Analysis Of Freddie Watts And Jimmy Brothers

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Freddie Watts and Jimmy Brothers were put in a very tough and uncomfortable situation, as principle and vice principal, when Ann Griffin made a racial comment. Watts and Brothers administered a primarily African American school. Ann Griffin is a Caucasian teacher who made a racial remark to the principle, Freddie Watts, and vice principal, Jimmy Brothers, of the school she was administered to. She stated that she, “hated all black folks.” This required them to question her ability to perform her job correctly without having a racial bias towards black students. A decision must be made regarding her removal. Ann Griffin does have the right to free speech however, discrimination could also effect her students in a negative way. Removing a teacher from his or her position is very difficult to do. “Tenure benefits the state by helping to create a permanent and qualified teaching force” (Underwood, Webb 36). This makes it difficult to let a teacher go even when it is to make the school a better environment for the students. Although teachers do have the right to freedom of speech and are able to exercise their First Amendment right, that freedom is in a way limited by the school board. Pickering v. Board of Education (1968) is a great example of this. A high school science teacher was terminated by the board of education because a letter he wrote was published in one of the community’s newspapers. The letter discussed the unequal funding between academics and athletics. After

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