First Component Of My Observation Assignment

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On March 18, 2017, I began the first component of my observation assignment. In contemplating where I was to do my observation, I wanted to find a location with a lot of people, a location that was indoors, and a location that would provide me with a wide point of observation that would allow me to peacefully and conspicuously observe people while taking notes in my notebook. As a result, I decided on the second floor above the lounge area in the Santa Anita mall, located in Arcadia, CA, on a Saturday afternoon. Prior to beginning my observation, I did not expect to be nervous, but as soon as I parked in the parking lot and began making my way to my observation point with my notebook and pens clenched in my hand, feelings of nervousness…show more content…
Furthermore, when people alter their behaviors, it sometimes becomes impossible to know when a person is truly being themselves. This type of “playing the part” leads into the sociological theory known as Dramaturgy. Dramaturgy was first theorized by Erving Goffman. Goffman believed that people conduct themselves differently in different situations to appear in some way that is advantageous, kind of like actors playing different characters in films. For instance, there was a group of teenagers who were taking lots of pictures with each other. However, one boy was just off to the side calmly looking at his friends. After a few minutes of this, his attitude completely changed, and he jumped into one of the pictures with his friends and began taking more pictures. After they all took pictures, they all left to another part of the mall, and this boy returned back to his calm self. This was a perfect example of someone who was playing the part of appearing more social even though he may not have actually felt that way. In addition, usually at in-door stores and restaurants, dogs, or other pets, are not allowed because they can be messy or impact people’s enjoyment. Whiling observing, two women sat down below me in the lounge area. One of the women had a Golden Retriever, but it was not a guide dog, just
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