First Day Of High School Essay

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September 6th, the day we return back to school and sit within the walls of York High School. As I walk through the door, I see all the familiar faces whom I have not seen since the day school got out. I walk by the seniors, who are older but not too intimidating, and remember my days as a freshman where I was scared to even walk by an upperclassmen. On the other side of the lunchroom is the freshman. All huddled up and quiet, they are anxious yet scared for their new high school experience. Chatter started in every which way as more and more students entered the cafeteria to gather before the school day officially started. “Oh my gosh, hi! I missed you, how was your summer?” This was the friendly and half fake phrase many of the girls said to each other as they entered the room. The first bell rang at 7:45 AM, and every student stood up and one big cluster emerged. One by one students entered the quiet classroom, where everyone sat silently trying to make a good first impression on their new teacher. I picked out a seat, in the front, where I know I will be able to see the board, and not get too distracted. The teacher stands up and does the typical first day of school introduction along with the syllabus speech. Although going back to school is horrible, the first day is always the easiest. The first day consists of teacher’s standing and talking the whole block, and our only homework is gathering supplies or getting papers signed. I’d say that it is a pretty easy first

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