First Day Of School Essay

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It was the first day of school for Lilo Smith and it was very hot since it was one of the last days of summer. Lilo was very nervous since she did not know anyone. She walked through the front doors of the school slouched and looked at the ground the whole time until she reached her first class. She went to one of the desk in the back of the classroom and stayed to herself. Many students looked at her but no one put forth an effort to talk to her. The bell rung and class was about to start. The teacher walked into the room and so did another girl. The girl came all the way back to the desk Lilo was sitting at and told her to move. Lilo did not move she stayed seated and waited for the teacher to look back and see what was going on. The teacher told the girl to go find another seat, so the girl gave Lilo a dirty look and went and found another seat. After that everyone had to go around the room and say their name and at least one thing they did that summer. The girl that was rude to Lilo was named Mindy, she talked about how her parents took her to Paris. A boy that sat in front of Lilo named Jake talked about how he got to spend all summer at the beach. When it was Lilo’s turn she stated her name then didn’t know what else to say because all she did all summer was move. Class ended and everyone rushed out the door, except for Lilo. She packed up her belongings very slowly and walked out the door. Jake was waiting for her outside the classroom, but Lilo did not realize

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