My First Day At Middle School Essay

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My first day at middle school was not what i expected my parents transferred me into an all boys school which i didn’t like because it was all boys and no girls so i didn’t get a chance to experience the crush phase but my first day was good for me to be in a all boys school my school name was Kenneth Clements Boys Leadership Academy I met my teachers i only had 3 teachers because it wasn't a big school i had 1 teacher for history and i had 1 teacher who taught math and english and i had a gym teacher it wasn’t what i really wanted or expected but i had to work with it i met mostly everybody in the school because it was so small my first day at lunch ended up being my favorite part about the school because we had a cafegymatorium which is a cafeteria and a gym together so after everybody ate or if you were finished eating you could either stay inside or go outside now outside looked great for the school to be that little we had our own playground we had a football field and we had a basketball court that was a lot for grades K-6 they didn't have a 7 or 8 grade in the school.

In my first and second quarter there all of the teachers in the school used to love me i wasn't a good student i was hard headed and never really did work but
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After school me and my brother would usually walk with his friends i used to hang out with all of the older kids so it gave me a good reputation we would all go down to Rite Aid or we would catch the bus downtown and go chill down there for the day even though we never bought nothing we just had
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