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First Response Journal
During the early twentieth century, a space never recognized before was discovered. Once this space was explored, it would be found to contain a vast number of valuables. So many, that they would be reaped for centuries to come. This discovery, changed the course of human history by changing how we view ourselves. However, this discovery was not made in the jungle by sweaty men in khaki, who hacked away vines with machete and muscle. Nor are was the cave made of limestone and full of gold, diamonds or oil. Unbelievably, the location was not of this physical world at all, instead it was hidden above the noses of all of mankind. This space was the unconscious part of the human mind. The explorers who made this
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With researchers noting that Freuds theory “has a lot to offer to modern theories of consciousness and that insights from Freudian theory are relevant to modern day concepts of consciousness in cognitive neuroscience.” (De Sousa, 2011). Personally, in all my counseling theory classes, the importance of transference and countertransference was highly emphasized.
Sigmund Freud believed dreams to be the royal road to the unconscious and I’ve come to agree with this based on personal experience. Sigmund Freud saw the mind as an iceberg mostly submerged in water. The tip of this iceberg represented the conscious part of the ego and a small portion of the super-ego. While everything below the water was, unconscious including the Id and the rest of the super-ego. Freud believed that within the frozen core of this solitary iceberg were wishes so disgusting, horrifying and painful that they had to be repressed by the practical ego and pious superego for their own safety. However, these wishes were important to the id, our most primal and instinctive part of the psyche. These wishes while vile to the ego, are still necessary to be a whole person. However, the iceberg only allowed these vile wishes to ascend when the pressure was lowed from the higher functions. Freud saw that sleep as the moment of lowed pressure on the Id. This was due lowered ego defenses during times of rest. However, these defenses functioned enough to disguise the wishes somewhat though the process of
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