Fishbowl Inventory Gives Small Businesses a Way to Manage Essay

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Fishbowl Inventory
Fishbowl inventory is Utah based software company that is allowing small and mid size business to manager their inventory by incorporating wholesale distribution, inventory control , manufacturing , order management , asset tracking and bar coding. The program also provides multi location tracking, LIFO/FIFO.As apart of Fishbowl inventory, the software runs on a centralized server, allowing multiple customers to connect simultaneously which helps managers and on the floor supervisors keep track of inventory in live time. The server side uses a SQL database and can run on Windows, this is a major benefit to the company because windows is easy to access and efficient enough for employees to use with …show more content…

Monitoring item levels and creating a report based on customer needs, by upgrading this allows the company to keep track of low inventory which would be accessed by the customers via their smart phones. Efficient and confident inventory control is a major factor that would help increate revenue and sustain it.

Business/Technical Approach: Fishbowl Inventory system requires no Information Technology intervention to as is due to it customization of the system that fits the stores needs. “Installation of the system for basic warehousing takes less than a week if your data can be imported from Excel or QuickBooks. Training takes an average of three to six weeks”. (cbiz). Managers are able to keep track and record at the same time what is a more popular product and not over buy, this helps keeps surplus down
Business Process changes: In order for Mikes business to grow physically in this technological era they must set the direction with the four A’s
Arena: Market their company while make their customer base priority # 1
Advantage: Positioning them selves to be as good as or better than their competitors
Access: Communication and distribution by using Fishbowl to become more efficient.
Activities: Understand and analyzing the approach to make the company more successful.
Business changes incorporates growth framework which allows Mike’s to keep up to date with technology that will give them a competitive

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