Fisheries And Oceanic Food Chains

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In some way or another, we all rely on the oceans to survive. They affect weather patterns, global temperatures, provide us with oxygen, all while removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. More importantly, they provide us with the food that sustains life. We have always relied on oceans for food. Fishing is not a new invention but in recent history, humans have exploited this source of food. We have had a chronic problem of over fishing, over harvesting the once bountiful supply of fish. According to a National Geographic report, “A study of catch data published in 2006 in the journal Science grimly predicted that if fishing rates continue apace, all the world’s fisheries will have collapsed by the year 2048 (Pristine Seas, National Geogrphic).” These fisheries and oceanic food chains are incredibly intertwined with our daily lives. Each and every one of our lives will be effected by overfishing in the oceans if it continues at its current rate. Whether it be the food that actually shows up on your plate, jobs, products that come from the ocean and fish, or our economies.
Overfishing can be defined as people catching so many fish that the population can 't reproduce enough to replace them. Overfishing can lead to depletion of or extinction of fish populations and collapse of oceanic food chains. Overfishing isn 't a recent problem, according to ABC Science, “Europeans started over-exploiting freshwater fish at least 1000 years ago.(Doyle, 2009)” To figure this out, they…
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