Fishing Persuasive Essay

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It twas a warm July morning and the best friends George and Jeff were out on the water. The two boys loved fishing and they would always try to go. When they would comeback they would always have new stories and forever memories from their previous adventure. The boys would do whatever it took to get to a fishing spot. The boys have stories from when they had to swim upstream to a spot, or have to tightrope walk a dam, once they even kayak down river for 3 days just to get to a fishing hole.
One day the two boys were in church, when George looked over at Jeff whose face could show that he had an idea. A couple minutes later George looked over again and made eye contact with Jeff, Jeff lipped out the words “We need to talk.” After the church bells signaled the end of the service George hustled to the meeting spot under the berry tree where him and Jeff always met. Georged asked “What you wanna talk about?” Jeff told him about his plan to canoe the Llano river from Llano Texas to Lake LBJ. It was music to George's ears.
Jeff went home after church to think about their trip. He thought about all the good times they had and all the fish they caught on the Llano. He dreamed about their trip and was counting down the days until his trip. At night he would dream about pulling in a monster, or he would have nightmares of his line snapping.
The day came when after church Jeffs mom, Ms.Julie asked if George’s mom is George could go to their ranch with them this Wednesday. George

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