Persuasive Essay On Lead Fishing

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Recent surveys by the U.S. fish and wildlife service have shown that over 40 million fishing and hunting licenses were sold in 2014. Fishing and hunting products such as lead bullets, lead fishing weights, and lead hooks have been released into the environment for many years now. After talking to my dad about a recent story of California condors being lead poisoned and killed after ingesting lead from dead animals, it made me think of how much lead is truly in the environment which sparked my curiosity. According to my estimation, I contribute around 175 ounces of lead into the environment. This is due to the hundreds of shotgun shells I shoot every year for hunting and target practice and the numerous ounces of lead lost while fishing due …show more content…

Most states within the U.S. have banned or in the process of banning lead fishing weights under a certain size that may be confused with the aquatic life’s natural diet. This will help prevent the accidental ingestion of lead for birds and fish. “ new Hampshire banned the use of and sale of lead fishing sinkers that weigh less than an ounce and lead jigs smaller than one inch”(pca). Also, “ Washington prohibits the use of lead weights and jigs on 13 lakes in the state where loons breed and raise their young. Anglers cannot use lead weights smaller than 1.5 inches”(pca). These laws and policies have led to the protection of aquatic life, reducing the risk of lead poisoning among birds and other bottom feeding wildlife. Lead ammunition used for waterfowl hunting has been banned and switched to an alternative to lead. lead waterfowl ammunition was banned in 19991due to the high amount of lead being placed in the environment. This lead had the same effect on the wildlife as the fishing lead. there are other materials used to make up for the banned lead

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