Fitness Testing 2

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Fitness Testing and Training for the Uniformed Public Services.
Assignment 2 – Fitness Tests.
Introduction: In this assignment I will begin with outlining fitness tests for the main components of fitness and comparing the results to a specific public service entrance test, then explaining the strengths and areas for improvement. I will then go on to describing methods of fitness training for the main components of physical fitness and evaluating them as well as an evaluation.
Task 1.
Maximum sit-ups in 2 minutes: 84
Maximum press-ups in 2 minutes: 82
Timed wall squats: 1 minute, 30 seconds
Step test: 91
Long jumps: 7’3 ft.
Sit and reach: 10cm
Timed plank: 2 minutes, 10 seconds
Agility run: 14.46 seconds
10m standing start sprint: 2.07
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A stretching programme over a period of months can lead to a large increase in range of motion (flexibility). Flexibility will improve the execution of sports skills and reduce the likelihood of muscle soreness. It is also recommended that you should spend 5-10 minutes of stretching before beginning any sport or a physical activity in order to prepare your muscles for what is to follow, as well as after to initiate the recovery process.

Static stretching - Shoulder Stretch; Moving part of your body slightly beyond the usual range and holding for a few seconds;
• Stand tall, feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent.
• Place your right arm, parallel with the ground across the front of your chest.
• Bend the left arm up and use the left forearm to ease the right arm closer to your chest.
• You will feel the stretch in the shoulder.
• Repeat with the other arm.

PNF stretching – These exercises involve stretching a muscle or group of muscles, contracting the same muscle isometrically for at least three seconds, and then stretching it farther. PNF stretches effectively increase your range of motion if you do them at least twice per week. Always perform the stretching element of each exercise slowly and try to increase your range of motion gradually over a period of weeks and months.

* Strength can be developed
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