Five Core Questions

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Two people that I know that I feel would be great illustrations of a successful and a rejected person in my youth would be two girls I know, whom I am going to rename, Ashley and Tara. Ashley is the typical popular girl. She is a cheerleader and member of multiple clubs within our high school. She is not the smartest person in the class and does not genuinely care much for her fellow students. Tara, on the other hand, is a your stereotypical nerd. She is one of the smartest people within her class. Sheis also one of the nicest people in her entire school. You would think that Tara would be the most socially competent but she is not. She does not even have friends. Ashley has all of the friends and is well liked within the school. In order to compare and contrast the two young girls, I must first consider the five core questions that determine social success. The five core questions are basically questions that weighs out a person’s social competence by their assets and liabilities. The first question is in reference to how much fun the child is. Ashley has a sense of humor, resourceful, participating, talented and cooperative. Tara bestows all of those qualities but they go unknown because she is very withdrawn and timid. The…show more content…
Although Ashley has these qualities, Tara’s qualities and similarities are placed on the back burner due to the fact that she is withdrawn and timid. Because Tara does not open herself up to be known, Ashley’s comfortableness with herself allows her to soar through the ranks with her peers. In my examination, Ashley just pretends to keep this image alive so that others will think so highly of her while Tara genuinely have these qualities but they are overlooked. Furthermore, maybe if Tara made herself open she would not have been rejected as she was and probably would have been as popular and socially competent as
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