Five Most Important Events in U.S. History

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First thing that I chose for my project is, 9/11. This was a dark time for all of America at the time. 9/11 took place November 11, 2001. It was organized by 19 al Qaeda terrorists. The terrorists hijacked 4 commercial planes. Two of the four headed to the World Trade Center while the third headed for the Pentagon. After learning the actions of the three planes, the fourth crash landed in an empty field somewhere in Western Pennsylvania. This is considered the largest number of fatalities that were caused by a foreign attack that happened on American soil which resulted in almost 3,000 deaths. When the people of America found out the events, millions went to help fight and protect against anymore attacks. Next I chose the Manhattan Project. The Manhattan project was a project that brought the world into the nuclear age/era. In the year 1939, we learned that German physicians had learned the secret to splitting the uranium atom. This was extraordinary. When Albert Einstein fled to America, he brought information about the German’s capability to create a bomb capable of mass-destruction. Einstein was accompanied by Erico Fermi, who escaped fascist Italy. The two thought they should tell President Roosevelt. They wrote a letter to him urge him to establish an atomic research project. Roosevelt agreed but didn’t want everyone to know about it. He called it the Manhattan Project. The main facility they built was in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Nearly two billion dollars was invested

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