Fixing the Future Essay

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As the dawn started breaking the next day, the peculiar group inside Smith was preparing for anything. They had even loaded themselves with a variation of handguns in case they needed more firepower than Smith had to offer at the moment. Seemed silly, as the enemy had had plenty time to wait and scout the area they were hiding in and, also, to get very cross with them. But being in the situation that they were, they had to be prepared to do all they could to at least make their capture as hard on the enemy as possible. When they were finished with the preparations, Mu, Gamma and Beta seated themselves at the control table. Grave silence filled the corridors as to contrast the merriness of them from the night before. “All set?” Gamma …show more content…

“Didn’t I tell you to stop that the last time I was here?” “You did indeed, sir.” “Enough chitchat!” Gamma commanded as Mu switched the main engine on when the wing engines had reached an equal temperature. “Engines on. Checking the guns.” Mu announced as he went through a list on a screen above him, switching all available guns to be at ready when needed. Of course they were more than low of ammunition, but maybe they could get creative; that’s why Mu was behind the guns. They didn’t want to repeat the fire-everything –incidence that had gotten Gamma into this mess. “Alright then. Ladies, get ready for a take off.” Gamma exclaimed through the JPCs as he headed up, trying not to cause a forest fire. Not even a minute after they had taken off, the first of the neudroids arrived to their scanner. “Ready to fire. Cam, activate the lazers. We’re not in risk of unattended combustion anymore. A, make sure our energy feed is balanced, we don’t want any nasty surprises.” “Got it,” Anette replied, and Beta couldn’t help but snicker when he heard her voice for the first time. He got a curious look from Gamma, who wasn’t certain what he thought was funny in a situation where Neudroids were nearing them, their plasma canisters full while they had barely any left. “When were you planning to tell us you knew a master thief?” Beta asked after making sure that his comm link was closed, trying to keep his humor under control. “You peeked,” Gamma yelped at him, accusingly.

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