Flappers: A Representation of Modern Independent Women

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The 1920’s were the Era of Adolescence. It was the time period when Jazz was developed. Along with jazz came a new kind of woman, a new role model, a new entertainer, and the dancers called the Flappers. Flappers were developed to show a change in women in the 20th century. They represented a new woman that was more modern and independent. The Flappers created a new fashion for woman and a new image showing that woman are more independent, more masculine, and can support themselves. Flappers demonstrated a new modern and independent woman who showed that they were capable of providing for themselves and having their own occupation. Flappers symbolized a “revolution in manners and morals” to an older generation. It gave a new attitude of sexuality toward females because they began smoking, drinking, and talking slang (Flappers1.0). During the 1920’s, women were viewed as the housewife. Men believed that woman should stay home, take care of the house and kids and not have to work. Flappers gave women a new idea that women do not need to rely on a man and can take care of themselves. Even though the Flapper showed a positive image for modern women, she also remained as a soft creature that demurred to men because of her athleticism and adventurous spirit. (Flapper1.0). A woman can be independent but still rely on a man sometimes. The Flapper was first known as a young and daring female chic, but the Flapper came to embody the radically modern spirit of the 1920’s
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