Flashback : ' At Last '

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‘At last,’ I thought, glad that school was over for the day. I ran from the playground, faster than a cheetah, crossed the playing field, fled down the brick stairs and leapt into the road. Suddenly, what would usually be a great sight was driving right into me. BAM! Everything went black.
The ice cream van had hit the school bully who just happened to be the best U12 British cross-country runner.

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Now that I 've got your attention, here’s where the story starts… Once, there was a child called Norbert, but, for some reason, he just never fitted in. Was it his big blue eyes? His small crooked nose? Was his big friendly smile just a little too friendly?

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No, the answer was this: he was a …show more content…

They swarmed around him rapidly.

Page Eight:-

“Oi! Monster-face! How’d they let someone as ugly as you into school?” snarled Jimmy Scott, playing to his audience. The gang of children laughed and pointed at the unwelcome monster.
At once, Norbert - the big monster - felt small, very small. He wished silently that he was invisible as he cowered away, trying to hide his face as his eyes welled up and then, giant tears slowly trickled down his gnarled cheeks.
Without a pause for thought, he concluded that he had one option - RUN! The floor shook as he thudded away, each step like a bomb crashing in a war zone.

Page Nine:-

Edward found him some time later when he was checking on his bike. Norbert was curled up in the corner of the bike shed sobbing great, wet tears. He had been sobbing so hard, a moat of salty water had developed around him.

Page Ten:-

Edward sympathised. He remembered the time he had been bullied. He starts to talk to Norbert. “It’s alright, Norbert,” he said, trying desperately to comfort him, “I was once picked on, because of my Geordie accent. They used to try to imitate my accent. They would chant: ‘Gan doon toon, gan doon toon, geordie boy’.”

Page Eleven:-

“This made me feel alone, with nobody to talk to. I felt left out. It made me feel sad, very sad and lonely. I hated school. I never wanted to go. I wanted to go home, back to Newcastle. That’s where my old friends are, they all

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