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  • Flashback : ' At Last '

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    Edward sympathised. He remembered the time he had been bullied. He starts to talk to Norbert. “It’s alright, Norbert,” he said, trying desperately to comfort him, “I was once picked on, because of my Geordie accent. They used to try to imitate my accent. They would chant: ‘Gan doon toon, gan doon toon, geordie boy’.” Page Eleven:- “This made me feel alone, with nobody to talk to. I felt left out. It made me feel sad, very sad and lonely. I hated school. I never wanted to go. I wanted to go home, back

  • American Reality Show Vs. British Reality Shows

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    of Internet, it is often seen particular situations between ‘historical’ emotions still hits up the conversation. The hatred still causes an emotional war between people from two countries. This time, it takes on the two shows: ‘Jersey Shore’ Vs. ‘Geordie Shore’, a spin-off shows for British TV show series. The fans of this “new shows” emphasizes each other is the “better” show series. However, the basic story line and a concept for both shows are practically the same. The interesting factor about

  • Clay David Almond Sparknotes

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    coming to life. David Almond’s book Clay, tells an unusual story about a quiet, young boy named Davie, who was forced to reach beyond his comfort zone. The characters within and throughout the book Clay was. Davie (Main Character), Davie’s best friend Geordie Craggs , Stephen Rose, Father O’Mahoney, Clay, Crazy Mary, Miss Doonan, Annie, Davie’s Father, Lass, France Malone, Biddy Hell, Maria, Geordie’s sister Noreen, Connemara, Mebbe, Billy, Vera, Martian Mould, Miss O’Malley, Brent, and Noah. The book

  • Critical Evaluation Of Macbeth

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    Macbeth By Kimberley Martin State Theatre Company South Australia 12th September 2017 Director: Geordie Brookman The play that was performed on 12th September 2017 at State theatre Company South Australia was taken on Kimberley Martin’s Macbeth’s original vision. This play was every interesting play because it's wasn’t easy to understand to the storyline, but at first it was hard to say what actors were playing which character. As the performance went on it came clear what actors played which character

  • Ac / Dc Essay

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    So, you can read the lyrics yourself, then listen to the song and hear something completely different. Brian Johnson is from Northeast England, known as Tyneside. The people who live there are infamously known for their accent, which is called a Geordie accent. This accent is typically associated with the working-class people of the region, but until the 80’s was referred to anyone in Northeast England. So, the fact that there is already a dialectal difference, from Great Britain to the United States

  • Back In Black: Australian Rock Band AC/DC

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    country of Australia. In 1979, they recorded their international breakthrough, Highway to Hell. Shortly before the recording of their follow-up, lead vocalist Bon Scott died after a night of heavy alcohol consumption. The group continued on with ex-Geordie singer Brian Johnson. Back in Black was recorded during a seven week period in the Bahamas in the spring of 1980. The area they were at was hit by tropical storms at the time, making the sessions

  • Christmas Day Truce: All Quiet On The Western Front

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    when both sides ventured into no man’s land. This links to the part in the play when on page 89 the stage direction says this; “Everyone has gone quiet”, this stage direction is said when Geordie goes out of his trench into No Man’s Land to rescue Joey with a white flag, and the German’s have the same idea. Geordie forgot wire cutters however a friendly German comes over called Peter and hands him the wire cutters “I thought perhaps you might need these.” This shows the two sides being friendly to

  • Panopticson And Synopticon

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    This critical reflection is going to explore the surveillance of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Charlotte Crosby; to try and comprehend why celebrities desire to be observed and examine the extent that surveillance is required and yearned for in celebrities lives to make them ‘somebody’ rather than ‘invisible’. I will be deliberating the well-known concepts of the Panopticon and Synopticon analysing the differentiation of power between the two concepts which will lead to examination of whether

  • 17th Doll Stereotypes

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    does not disappoint. The exciting saga of the touch and go relationships between two working-class barmaids and their cane-cutting lovers, who have come down south for the off-season, is met by an equally charismatic cast that allows the director (Geordie Brookman) to fully explore the notion of 1950s stereotypes and the chaos that ensues when they are broken. Set in 1950s Australia, Olive Leech (Elena Carapetis) and Pearl Cunningham (Lizzy Faulkand) are two barmaids waiting for their friends Roo

  • Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll Play Analysis

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    State Theatre Company’s production of Ray Lawler’s Summer of the Seventeenth Doll is set in 1950s Carlton, Melbourne and follows the summer of Olive Leech (Elena Carapetis) who for the sixteen years running has hosted Roo (Chris Pitman) and Barney (Rory Walker), two sugar cane cutters from Queensland, for a summer filled with parties, drinking and lots of fun. However this year is different Olive’s best friend and Barneys ‘girlfriend’ Nancy has gone and got married while the boys were away. Pearl