Flashover Chamber Research Paper

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The Flashover Chamber
About two weeks ago, I went on one of the best field trips I’ve ever been on. I went to Auburn Fire Station and their flashover chamber with the fire and rescue classes. Both the fire 1 and fire 2 classes went together. The entire experience was something that I never thought I would get to do, and I was very lucky to have the whole opportunity. Fire and rescue offers opportunities and experiences that some people will never experience, but this by far has been the best one so far. A flashover chamber, is basically just a large metal box with an upper and lower layer. Firefighters can go in and sit on the lower level, while another firefighter will light the upper layer on fire and you can experience what it would be like …show more content…

One of the Auburn firefighters came in to tell us about the flashover chamber. But before we could go into the chamber, since it was a field trip, we had to review everything we had already learned about flashovers, backdrafts, and how they worked. We sat for about an hour in the classroom, and listened to a powerpoint about flashovers. We watched some videos, and answered some questions, then it was finally time to actually go outside and get ready to go into the chamber. We walked out to our gear and everyone geared up, except for our helmets. Because the chamber would get so hot, and our heads were going to be so close to the fire, we had to wear special helmets, that were provided by the Auburn fire station. The helmets were black from going through so many times, but they were still functional. We split up into two groups, and the first group went inside. I was in the second group, so I waited right outside with some other students. While I waited, I talked to Kaitlyn. We talked about how excited we were to go into the chamber, and also about how nervous we were. I could see smoke coming out of the top and sides of the chamber, which made me even more excited to go in. This would be or class’s first time actually experiencing real fire in the class. Once the first group came out, we all helped clean up the chamber, and got ready for round two. The second group got all of our …show more content…

We sat on very low seats made of wood. The fire was elevated above us from where we were sitting. The fire rolled right above our heads. It was awesome. After explaining what was happening, we switched where we were sitting, so that way everyone had a chance to get up front. The person in front got on the ground and crawled to the back of the line and the rest of us scooted to the front of the chamber. Once I was in front, it was super hot. They controlled the fire using the doors, and a hose. Opening the doors would cause the fire to grow because we were giving the fire more oxygen. Then when they closed the doors, the fire would die down. We rotated through everyone a few times, before they put the fire out. Once the fire was out, it was time for

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